One of the biggest challenges for organizations and companies that are starting their digital transformation process lies in the fact that many of their business processes and information flows are resident in SAP systems that may be outdated and consequently unprepared for the technological transformations required to better adapt their business models.

Thus, SAP offers a Roadmap of technological transformation based on the new S/4 HANA solutions that allows companies to improve the optimization of business processes with the best technological innovations.

We believe that in this type of project it is important to always highlight the consultants with the greatest expertise in the different SAP modules, so that their perception of the client’s SAP environment is carried out in the most effective way and so that they can contribute, through their experience in definition and implementation in past projects, to a better solution proposal for the client.

Lead4b always employs in all its projects a high level of collaboration with the client, as the proximity and good communication with key users and those responsible for the system is always an essential tool for identifying problems and defining solutions best suited to the reality of each business and each company.

We believe that due to our experience in carrying out SAP projects, as well as the technical and functional capabilities of our consultants, our functional and technical assessment initiatives enable us to empower our clients with a better understanding of their SAP system and its evolution potential.

We use the best practices and methodologies provided by SAP to provide a roadmap for the future evolution of our customers’ SAP system, namely:

  • SAP Transformation Navigator
  • SAP Readiness Check
  • SAP Best Practices Explorer
  • SAP Roadmap Viewer
  • SAP Activate