In the ever-changing regulatory environment, businesses need to keep up with the changes and stay compliant.

A major challenge of doing business both locally and internationally is to prepare your SAP systems to achieve compliance in the countries where your company operate.

Legal changes are becoming more complex and tax administrations are using technology more than ever to collect and analyze more data from taxpayers in real time.

We have strong Competences in Legal Requirements implementations, and we can help to define a SAP compliance strategy with the following approach:

Assess and Analyze

Assess and Analyze your SAP As-Is processes within the scope of the countries in which you are operating and define an implementation roadmap to assure all mandatory legal requirements will be accomplished

Legal Requirements Implementation

Implement all country-specific legal requirements with standard SAP solutions or own-developed SAP compatible solutions.

Information Availability

Stay current and updated with the announcements of upcoming legal changes.

Do you find difficult to make your SAP System compliant with legal requirements?

We combine SAP expertise and in-depth experience of the end-to-end legal processes and technical requirements within the global regulatory systems.

Our consultants have strong knowledge and experience on legal requirements implementations in the following areas:

  • Electronic submission of VAT-related data to local tax authorities
  • SAFT-PT Audit
  • E-Invoicing
  • Intrastat
  • Software Certification
  • Transport and Deliveries Certification
  • Central Bank Reporting
  • Portuguese Assets Fiscal Maps
  • Spain – SII